For over 50 years, American Cowboy Roofing has provided skylight installation and repairs to our residential and commercial clients in the Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria City, Loudoun, and Prince William counties. Adding a skylight to your home is a “green” choice which will reduce lighting and heating costs by allowing daylight and heat from the sun into your home. American Cowboy Roofing can help you decide what type of skylight works best for Do you have peeling or cracking paint inside your home near or around your skylight? Are there stains that would indicate possible water damage inside your walls? Chances are your skylight has not been installed properly or the seals that keep water out have failed.

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A leaking skylight that is letting in rain water can lead to very big water damage problems. This can include and is not limited to:
  • Interior frame damage
  • Structural damage
  • Water logged shingles
  • Framework hazards
  • Mold/mildew
  • Paint and water damage in your interiors

Replacing or repairing a skylight often includes properly handling not just the actual window but also properly handling the flashings and shingles surrounding the skylight. American Cowboy Roofing has replaced and repaired thousands of skylight units, preventing further damage to homes as well as increasing energy efficiency. Give us a call today before your skylight causes more damage to your roof and ceiling!


American Cowboy Roofing will give you one thing no other roofing company will – peace of mind. Integrity with the Power of Strength. You can put your trust in American Cowboy Roofing.