Whether shingles or metal panels, the roof is an essential part of a house. That’s why we offer roof repair in Ashburn. It protects us from all kinds of weather conditions across all seasons. That’s why it is always good to maintain the excellent condition of your roof for safety and to avoid additional costs.   

How to Know When You Need a Roof Repair in Ashburn

One of the best things you can do to assess your roof’s condition is to do an initial inspection. This can be as simple as using binoculars to see if you have a damaged roof or missing shingles outside. You can also check the inside of your house and look for signs of leakage or cracked flashing. Any of these signs reflect a damaged roof, which can lead to other problems.  

Any damage to your roof or chimney should be addressed right away. Do not wait for your rafters, sheathing, and insulation to deteriorate, as this can eventually affect the integrity of your ceiling and walls. Water found on damaged roofs takes up to 18 months to appear as a leak on the window, wall, or ceiling. This is why you should obtain roof repairs as soon as possible.  

American Cowboy Roofing Credentials  

American Cowboy Roofing offers excellent roof repair in Ashburn and specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial roofing. We are also a Certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster Contractor. Furthermore, American Cowboy Roofing has been in service for more than 50 years. We handle all your roofing needs with the assurance that only years of experience can provide.  

American Cowboy Roofing does not just provide roof repair in Ashburn, but we also repair and install your skylights, gutters and downspouts, windows, and sidings. We also do soffit and fascia work as well as home ventilation. All our products are of high quality and have excellent warranties. We partner directly with suppliers to ensure that we use reliable materials with quality guaranteed.  

What We Offer 

Aside from roof repair service, we also provide roof replacement for severe roof damage, like missing shingles and serious leaks. This kind of damage usually requires a replacement mainly for safety reasons. Though it may cost you more, it is the best option to prevent costlier problems later on.   

We have a team of qualified and licensed professionals who ensure that our projects are completed to the highest standard. Following an assessment, we will advise you on whether it is preferable to repair or replace your damaged roof. We can assist you in determining what is best for your home by providing a transparent assessment of your roofing and any actions that may be needed.  

American Cowboy Roofing invites you to look through our project collection to see some of our previous work. You can use these as references to our kind of craftsmanship. More than just repairing roofs, we do our best to give each project that personal touch. You can send us a message to receive a free quote on all of your roofing needs.