My wife and I noticed some shingles on the lawn after Hurricane Sandy came by as well as we previously knew a few were missing when we bought our TH, per the HOA. We figured we better get it taken care of before the winter. Called 1 company and was basically told they were too busy and look elsewhere. So I gave ACR a call, Bill shows up that Sat, did a quick inspection and told me he could have his roofer over in the afternoon to repair/replace any missing shingles, nail down the roof ridge vent and a few other items I didn't understand. He was willing to negotiate on the price a little which was nice, though honestly I don't know much about cost to repair roofs, but anyone who is willing to climb on a ladder 30+ feet on my townhouse with a very sloped roof is OK in my book. Roofer showed up a few hours later, was there for about 2 hrs, did his thing and all is good (knock on wood). Also he mentioned our roof was in good condition which I was a bit concerned about since it was 11 years old. Lastly the roofer mentioned that the caulk was coming off around our bay window, we scheduled a follow up appointment and the roof came back out to re-caulk some windows for us for a very low fee.