Hi y’all! Like a birthday or anniversary, the need for roof repairs is typically not planned. For homeowners who live in Northern Virginia, quite a few things can trigger the need for emergency roof repair. Many of these events have to do with adverse weather conditions, but there are man-made situations that can also call for repairs that must be completed without delay.

  • Hailstorms – A storm that includes large chunks of falling ice, which can crack shingles and in some severe cases, piercing of metal roof sections.


  • Wind Damage– Sustained periods of high winds can also take a toll on your roof. The wind can loosen shingles, get under the eaves, and even cause whole sections to break free from the roofline.


  • Long Periods of Rain– Prolonged periods of rain will saturate the ground. If you have trees near your home and the ground becomes saturated, the roots of the trees may break free. The result is that the trunk and branches crash into your roof and cause major damage.


  • Falling Branches– During storms, large branches can be blown onto your roof and cause damage.


  • Attempting to Make Repairs on Your Own – Untrained people can very innocently cause damages that must be addressed without delays. For example: it’s very easy to step in the wrong place or use the wrong tools trying to patch the roof or secure a loose shingle. When this happens, something that started as a minor repair, suddenly becomes a major issue that requires a quick resolution.


How We Can Help

If you have roof damage caused by a storm or home repairs, call American Cowboy Roofing. As a trusted contractor with over 50 years’ experience, a Virginia Class A license, and a Certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster, we will give you an honest expert roof evaluation and quote. Call American Cowboy Roofing and you too will be saying YAHOO!


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